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Monica Hjelmslund


Photography makes possible to communicate the blissful place in my mind, which connects me to this amazing univers we live in. 



+ 45 6178 6051
CVR - 36227796


About me 


I am a freelance photographer living in Copenhagen. For the last 15 years I have been working with photography, driven by a great curiosity about the worlds enticing diversity and human life.

There are two things I find important in my work as a photographer: the image and the customer. I am able to tell a story in a natural flow and to capture a mood, as well as highlighting what is essential, whether it is about people, objects or nature. At the same time, I endeavour to convey this service based on the client’s conditions, without compromising my own credibility as a photographer.

My strength is based on flexibility and openness, and I am able to create trust in the people I photograph or photograph for.

Rates and collaboration

Each assignment has its own unique conditions. Each customer has individual needs and wishes. Rather than to provide a fixed and inflexible price range, I give a non-binding quote. This offer is tailored to the customer's needs and prerequisites, and it is based on an hourly rate or a global assignment price.

Please contact me by e-mail or phone and tell me about the assignment. The information may include a date or a time frame, a quantity of pictures, the format or shape of the pictures, style, etc. Depending on the content, the size and the extent of the assignment, we can also book a preparatory non-binding meeting, where we can elaborate on the assignment specifics.


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