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We imagined our wedding as an intimate, spontaneous celebration of two: nothing more - and nothing less. We wanted to be just ourselves, no structures, no formalities, no grandiloquence. And to have some photos for us to remember it just like that. And then we found Monica… and she got it immediately! Across the lovely streets and canals of Copenhagen she guided us so instinctively, like playing almost, making herself invisible and yet always professional and warm for us to be just us, just as we are - nothing more and nothing less. Monica understood us better than anyone, and gave us the most unforgettable present for this important day: perfect photos that tell the truth, that represent as so naturally and freshly and exactly as we wanted. Monica knows exactly what she is doing… when later our closest friends and family had the chance to see the photos, each one had the same comment: how perfectly portrayed, our personalities and our relationship! Thanks, Monica, for those hours of fun together and your wonderful, unique work.

M & C - Copenhagen 2018


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