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My husband and I had the perfect experience with Monica. We had no idea what to expect since we eloped last minute and had no time to plan our wedding. We found her by Googling and liked her website. When we met her just before the ceremony, we knew we had struck gold: Monica instantly felt like family. She seemed as excited as we were that we were getting married. Since we had no family at the ceremony, having her warm and supportive presence made us feel cherished. We didn't feel like customers.

Monica is a true artist - she spent lots of time with us suggesting poses and angles that would make the most beautiful memories of our wedding. We spent a magical afternoon together walking through Copenhagen while Monica photographed us. The results were incredible. My family members, when they saw the photos, felt like they had been there and were in awe of her work.

My husband and I felt incredibly lucky to share our wedding day with Monica. We can't recommend her highly enough.


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