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We had the pleasure of working with Monica on two separate occasions: our wedding day in 2015 and just before our baby-boy was born in 2016 (1 year after the wedding :)

Monica was recommended to us by our first choice fotographer, who is a friend of the family - but unable to take the wedding shoot herself. Turned out Monica was a very nice person and qualified option - one we have not regretted.

She is very pleasant to be around - a thing we valued much, considering she was invited inside on 2 very special occasions. She blended in very well and did her work almost unnoticed, it helped us being present in the moment, not considering how we'd look on the photo's. She brought creative proposals to the table and mastered turning our ideas into great shots. And we had fun with her along the way!

The final products were very good, from theme, atmosphere and photo quality point of view - and we found her compensation to be very reasonable. I think actually we got a lot more photo's than agreed.

We can warmly recommend Monica for shoots like these, and we surely will consider her ourselves when the next occasion arrives. L & V - Vedbæk 2015


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