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Me and my husband wanted to have this special day for ourselves, me, him and Copenhagen. And as soon as I am a photographer myself, it was also super important for me to have beautiful professional pictures to memorize those precious moments.

Monica's portfolio right away attracted my attention with those colours and emotions she captures in her work. I contacted her as first but unfortunately she was already booked that day...

And then happened unpredictable event - coronavirus quarantine. We needed to postpone our wedding day over and over again until Denmark finally announced opening borders. Hurray! I contacted Monica again and she friendly replayed that she will be happy to be our photographer. ️

We spent a great time together on our wedding day! She dived in her work right away as soon as she met us in front of the City Hall, she didn't want to waste a moment. We weren't posing, we were just having fun walking through the city and talking like old friends. :)

And as a result we got a bunch of gorgeous highly professional pictures in two formats (for printing and web size) which is very convenient. We are both happy that we chose Monica as our wedding photographer and we love our pictures. Thank you, Monica, so much for our memories! ️ I & M - Copenhagen 2020


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