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When we agreed to get married in Copenhagen, I knew I wanted an awesome photographer. I studied photography in college, and photos are very important to me. Never having been to Denmark before, I search the web. I found Monica on Her reviews were really good, and her style was what we were looking for. Monica was quick to e-mail back with any questions we had.

During our wedding day, it was so special to have Monica, because she felt like a friend. We didn't have our families and friends with us, but Monica made us feel comfortable. She was the only person who witnessed our wedding, and now we feel a special connection with her. If we are in Denmark again, we are definitely going to try to meet up with her. We also are thinking about doing another photo shoot for our 10 year anniversary. As we walked all over Copenhagen taking photos, Monica told us so much about the city and the people. Even though it was raining, we enjoyed every moment. I love looking at my photos, and my family and friends back home really loved that we documented our elopement.


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