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We got married last summer in townhall of Copenhagen and we’re lucky to have Monica as our wedding photographer.

In a meeting before the wedding, we had a nice chat with Monica and were able to explain our wishes, the style of photos and the locations that we had in mind. She was very attentive, respectful and supported us throughout the process.

During the wedding, Monica acted very professional. She was well prepared, had great ideas for photos while also giving us a chance to choose motives for ourselves. She also knew some wonderful “hidden spots” in Copenhagen that made excellent motives for wedding pictures.

After the wedding, we received a lot of photos and had the chance to make a final selection. The pictures we received by far exceeded our expectations - they were full of beautiful angles, colours and ideas.

We can only recommend Monica to anyone, who is looking for a professional, skilled and supportive photographer. L & O - Copenhagen 2022


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