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I couldn't have chosen someone better than Monica to shoot our wedding. She was really kind and objective, sending great details about the photo packages, so I didn't have any doubt about it, her service is in an excellent price also and overall she is such a talented photographer. The day before our wedding ceremony we've met to know the locations and I fell in love for her even more. She is calm, great sense of humor, know exactly what she does and really gave us confidence and a sensation that we're in good hands.

On the ceremony day, she arrived in the hotel early and her presence was almost invisible. She doesn't distract you on your day and she has great initiative to help you out with poses or whatever you need in the photo session. What made me really chose her for our day, is the great look she has through the photography. She has a beautiful way to see the couple, she doesn't have tacky ideas, she is really tasteful and I knew we would have great photos.

She warned us about how long it would take to send us the photos, but didn't take long from what she promised and we were definitely overwhelmed with the result. I'd highly recommend her for anybody looking for a tasteful photographer and a pleasant person on a special occasion.


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