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We wanted to be to together as soon as possible so we have decided to go to Denmark to get married and from all the cities we have chosen Copenhagen. We have applied in the middle of July and were expecting to have a date by the end of August but we got almost right away!!! As we have started preparing for the wedding day a few month before the estimated date, everything was ready except the photographer. So we uave started to look for one and we have found 3 options. Monica was the first to reply and seemed to be very responsible so we were not hesitating much and have chosen her. A few days after we had a skype call with her. She has asked what we wanted and we have found right away common language.

When the wedding day came it was raining hard and we had to change the conception of the photoshoot. And Monica did it well- she has used each piece of the Copenhagen city hall inside, she was playing with the lights, stairs, backgrounds and rain drops, - as a result we got unforgettable memories of the wedding day and amazing pictures which the whole family has hanged on the walls and is showing to everybody!!!

Thank you very much one more time for everything Monica!


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